About Us


Custom Woodworking Displays is a young business, but has a laid down a strong foundation. It is a family owned business with three generations hard at work. Our facility is 2,000 square feet and is conveniently located at an M2 industrial site where we easily meet city work standards and regulations.

We offer fast assembly, and quality custom merchandise at reasonable prices. We personally design and build any type of exhibit booth or wood product that you can think of. Or you can give us an idea that we can both work on to get exactly what you want. To the smallest piece of furniture to a large exhibit booth we can do it all. We use Formica and other types of laminates on our products. We use various hand tools, machines, experience, and hard work to make our customers happy with the final product that is made.

We also install any of the commodities in your home or business that we make. For instance if we made a reception desk for a business or kitchen cabinets for a residence we will also install them at your location for an extra fee depending on the difficulty and time put in.

To the exhibitors, a custom made booth is a good investment. We also specialize in building exhibit booths, and give good prices on them. We do set-up, tear downs, and build crates for the booths.

There is a lot of wear and tear during the set up and tear downs. After a couple of shows some of the pieces don’t fit as well as they should or scratches and other blemishes start to appear. So we offer any repairs to the booths or crates that have any damages to them, for another small fee. The main trade show that we work in, is the Magic Show located in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are two Magic shows a year. One in held in the month of February, and the other is held in August.

So for fast, well made exhibits, and wood products at reasonable prices get in touch with us at our offices. For fax, mail, telephones, or e-mail, go to submit a plan at the home page and there you will find all the information to get in touch with us. Thank you for choosing Custom Woodworking Display’s services, and we look forward to doing business with you in the near future.